About Common Ground

Common Ground is an online learning community for Lifestyle Coaches who are delivering an evidence-based National DPP lifestyle change program.

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DTTAC (The Diabetes Training and Technical Assistance Center) at Emory University hosts Common Ground and was the first provider of Lifestyle Coach training for CDC.

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Meet our DTTAC National Master Trainers!


About Master Trainer Select Training

DTTAC trains and prepares qualified individuals to serve as Master Trainers Select, who can provide Lifestyle Coach training for the National DPP.  

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About the NDPP

The National Diabetes Prevention Program (National DPP) is a CDC-led effort to prevent type 2 diabetes. The backbone of the program is the evidence-based lifestyle change program.

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About Lifestyle Coach Training

DTTAC is the premiere trainer of Lifestyle Coaches and offers both in-person and virtual Lifestyle Coach training to prepare individuals to serve as Lifestyle Coaches

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About Ongoing Learning

DTTAC offers ongoing learning opportunities for Lifestyle Coaches and Program Coordinators through distance learning webinars.

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