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Common Ground is an online learning community hosted by the Diabetes Training and Technical Assistance Center (DTTAC) at Emory University.

This community is for Lifestyle Coaches who are delivering the CDC-led National Diabetes Prevention Program (National DPP) lifestyle change program.

The National Diabetes Prevention Program is an evidence-based, year-long program that helps adults with pre-diabetes prevent or delay type 2 diabetes.

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About this Online Community


The Common Ground community is a space for Lifestyle Coaches to learn, connect, and access resources to help successfully deliver the proven-effective National DPP lifestyle change program.  Common Ground provides Lifestyle Coaches with helpful resources, tips for delivering the program, and opportunities to ask questions of Master Trainers and other Lifestyle Coaches throughout the country.

Common Ground is hosted by DTTAC, an organization that has supported the National Diabetes Prevention Program since 2010. In addition to hosting Common Ground, DTTAC trains Lifestyle Coaches and Master Trainers and provides ongoing learning and support for Lifestyle Coaches and organizations delivering the National Diabetes Prevention Program.

Who Can Join Common Ground?

The Common Ground community is designed specifically for Lifestyle Coaches  who are delivering the evidence-based National DPP lifestyle change program. 

If you are a Lifestyle Coach from an organization that is delivering the National DPP lifestyle change program, we welcome you to JOIN THE COMMUNITY 

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Why join Common Ground?

Lifestyle Coaches live and work all over the country, but they stand on common ground: Lifestyle Coaches are united by their efforts to bring evidence-based lifestyle change programs for preventing type 2 diabetes to their communities across the country.

In this online community, Lifestyle Coaches can learn from experts and peers, share their experiences, get updates on the national program, and read stories about delivering the program on the ground.


Health Equity and the DPP: An Introduction

  • Description:

    Inequities are all around us and experienced differently by different groups of people. Understanding the basis for the inequities is key for organizations and Lifestyle Coaches to implement and deliver the National DPP in such a way that enables all participants to reap the benefits of risk reduction. In this introductory webinar on health equity,  Lifestyle Coaches will learn the foundation for inequities that exist in diabetes, what contributes to these inequities, and potential problems…

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  • Categories: Advanced Webinars
  • Tags: webinar, dttac webinar, health equity, cultural competency, social determinants of health