Lifestyle Coach Testimonials

Lifestyle Coach Testimonials

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Common Ground

"Common Ground is an uplifting website that is helpful to those who go there for resources."


"Interesting information and ideas from other areas of the country."


" I like the resources for conducting classes...and the information that others share on the site."


"The most valuable part of Common Ground is the ability to ask questions of other Lifestyle Coaches. I am the only one in my organization working on the DPP, and it is valuable to me as a coach to learn from others and gather new ideas on how to improve my program."


National DPP

I became a CDE after years of working as an RN in the hospital and in home care and treating the consequences of years of uncontrolled diabetes.  People with diabetes or pre-diabetes need hope, action, and information intervention so they can lead healthy, dignified lives.  That’s what this program brings to the table: hope, action, information and intervention.

-Jan, Lifestyle Coach from New Mexico


This program offers an excellent opportunity to make a major impact on a very serious health issue. All the research and tools are provided, which truly makes my role as a Lifestyle Coach much easier.

-Laurie, Lifestyle Coach from Wisconsin.

The National DPP is an easy to follow, evidence-based program. I am proud to be a Lifestyle Coach because the National DPP is a product I believe in!  I wish I had become involved in the program years ago.

-Denise, Lifestyle Coach from Florida



Great program! As an RD, CDE for over 30 years who is very frustrated with weight loss and lifestyle programs – this one is well thought out and successful!

-Susan , Lifestyle Coach from New Mexico


I am excited to find an all-inclusive curriculum that I can deliver to my community to assist in making lifestyle changes and decreasing health disparities.

-Ricki, Lifestyle Coach from Florida


The National DPP has taken the best of the best and wrapped it into one evidence-based program that truly takes prevention upstream.

- Lifestyle Coach from Maine



This is a great program to help people become aware of how to make changes, and practical tips to sustain these changes.

-Lifestyle Coach from Michigan



I believe that emphasizing the team effort between Lifestyle Coaches and NDPP participants will be the foundation for the success of the NDPP and the prevention of type 2 diabetes. 

-Willie, Lifestyle Coach from California 


I am happy to be a Lifestyle Coach because the National DPP offers the opportunity to change lives for the better. Behavior modification allows the participants to be empowered through knowledge to improve their health.

-Cheryl McCormack, Lifestyle Coach trained in Florida



I can confidently say that in all of my days participating in training, this was hands down the best that I have ever attended. I think that a lot of that had to do with the content and the efficiency of the program, as well as the likeability and professionalism of the DTTAC Master Trainers. I really do appreciate the opportunity to be a part of such an incredible program, and I'm grateful for the platform upon which I received the skills and insight necessary to successfully implement it.

-Lifestyle Coach from Maine



The training was tremendously valuable to me. We practiced facilitation and became familiar with the National Diabetes Prevention Program curriculum. I am optimistic about the program after experiencing the other participants’ presentations and witnessing the internal changes in my motivation and thinking.

-Lifestyle Coach in Washington



DTTAC Lifestyle Coach Training was great. I came thinking I knew what I needed to know to teach the National Diabetes Prevention Program and left with a new wealth of knowledge on group facilitation, a new respect for the strength of the research base of the program, and a renewed enthusiasm for getting a program going at home.

-Lifestyle Coach from Colorado


DTTAC Virtual Lifestyle Coach Training

“The sessions were great! The technology is really cool and fun to use.”

“I have enjoyed the course and feel ready to begin facilitating my first class!”

“The virtual teach back was very helpful for my practice and insightful to see how others led the curriculum discussion.”

“What an eye opener! I have learned that Action Planning and then carrying out the action plan is not as easy as it sounds! I have also learned that what works for others does not necessarily work for me – both of those realizations are critical when working with a group!”

"The lessons are very informative and I love it!"