Health Equity, the National DPP, and COVID-19: Addressing the Diabetes and COVID-19 Divide

Competency: Diversity & Inclusion

COVID-19 has disproportionately affected communities of color and low socioeconomic communities. Knowing that these communities are also those that are at an increased risk for diabetes and diabetes-related diseases, how can Lifestyle Coaches prepare to recruit, address disparities, and facilitate the National DPP when resources are scarce and depleting? Current landscape overview, health equity considerations, and creative strategies for addressing needs will be discussed. 

This webinar will be held live on Tuesday, November 17th from 1:00-2:30 pm ET. If a registrant is unable to attend the live event, a webinar recording will be sent to all registrants. This course must be completed 3 weeks (21 days) after the live event to receive a certificate of completion.

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